A Delicious New Way To Start Your Day

June 9, 2021

Photo Credits: Rogan Ward.

Meet your new favourite cereal: MyLife + Super Cereal! This healthy, delicious, creamy
cereal is packed with vitamins, contains 13% protein and is low in sugar — making it the
ideal family breakfast cereal to help get your family’s day started.

The MyLife + Super Cereal is not only delicious but is also so easy to make. Simply add
milk to the wholegrain cereal and tuck in! Breakfast is served and ready instantly, giving
mom a little extra time to sleep in or relax in the mornings.

We worked to use as few ingredients in our product as possible. It was important to
create a healthy solution that parents could quickly make for those hurried, on-the-go

Did you know that 1 in 5 South African children skips breakfast? Skipping breakfast can
have negative effects on a child’s development and performance (in academics and
sports) throughout the day. Studies have shown that kids who eat a healthy, balanced
breakfast often score higher on tests, retain information better and tend to have more
concentration and focus than kids who do not eat breakfast. Get your kids into the
healthy habit of eating breakfast every morning — by choosing MyLife +, you can create
this meal quickly and easily and your kids can enjoy getting in all the necessary
nutrients and minerals.

MyLife + Super Cereal is a nutrient-rich food that is beneficial to the overall health and
well-being of an individual and is formulated using the World Food Programme
guidelines. It is high in dietary fibre, high in energy, contains added vitamins and
minerals (very high in vitamin D and vitamin A), is naturally dairy and gluten-free, and
contains no added salt, preservatives, colourants or animal ingredients. Enjoying this
cereal with milk also provides your body with a wide range of nutrients, including
carbohydrates, essential fats, dietary fibre and many other vitamins and minerals while
keeping a low sugar content. Less to worry about for mom!

It was exciting to introduce the latest edition to the MyLife wholegrain range in March
this year, and the love and support received from fans across the country has been
overwhelming. You can get your hands on this affordable and tasty cereal at
independent wholesalers nationwide.

MyLife launched in 2018 intending to bring nutritious, affordable, and heavenly tasting
wholegrain foods to South Africans. The MyLife range has been specially made using
the whole grain kernel and contains more nutrients than refined grains. MyLife Instant
Porridges are another household favourite and are available in four mouth-watering
flavours: Original, Banana, Caramel and Mixed Berry.

Be sure to follow MyLife on Facebook for more product information, new product
launches as well as news and events our team is involved in.

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