Go-Slo’s Naks

Life can be fast paced. Having a snack that is at arm’s reach to fill the gap or taking time to slow down and have a snack. Recharge wherever you go.

Go-Slo Today!


Go-Slo’s BBQ Flavoured Naks.

Cheese & Onion

Go-Slo’s Cheese & Onion Flavoured Naks. 


Go-Slo’s Cheese Flavoured Naks.

Chilli Cheese

Go-Slo’s Chilli Cheese Flavoured Naks.

Chilli Tomato

Go-Slo’s Chilli Tomato Flavoured Naks. 


Go-Slo’s Chutney Flavoured Naks.

Roast Chicken

Go-Slo’s Roast Chicken Flavoured Naks.

Peri Peri Chicken

Go-Slo’s Peri Peri Chicken Flavoured Naks.

Sweet Chilli

Go-Slo’s Sweet Chilli Flavoured Naks.