Oxygen Machines Available To Truda Foods Employees

January 22, 2021

Further to Truda Foods efforts in combatting the spread of Covid-19 we have invested in finger clip pulse oximeters as well as reputable portable oxygen machines. Each factory has access to two oxygen machines on site for any Truda employee to make use of it need be.

How it Works?

Should an employee who has gone through the standard Covid-19 screening protocols in place when entering Truda is feeling lightheaded or fatigued can report to a Health and Safety officer. The Health and Safety Officer will then apply the finger clip pulse oximeter onto their finger to measure their oxygen levels.

Should the reading be lower than normal the employee will have access to use the portable oxygen machine should they agree to. The Health and Safety officer will then contact a doctor for further action. These additional measures have been put in place to assist our employees and to take extra precautions during these times.

Final Thoughts on Oxygen Machines for our Employees

Truda Foods are dedicated to help combat the spread of Covid 19. Employees are encouraged to stay at home if they have Covid 19 symptoms. Screeding is conducted as an employee enters the factory. Surfaces are constantly cleaned together with other strict hygene measures. The oxygen machines are avaibale if Health and Safety officers have been instructed to assist an employee whose oxygen reading is below the normal standard.




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