Spookies New Flavour Alert!

Spookies Sweetcorn

November 15, 2021

There is nothing scary about the new Spookies Sweetcorn flavour! The treasured Truda Foods snack has recently expanded its flavour options for our consumers to include this delicious, mouth-watering flavour. This light maize puff melts perfectly in your mouth and is packed with enjoyable flavour – each puff leaves you wanting more and more.

The new Spookies Sweetcorn provides the ideal balance of savoury and sweet – making it the perfect snack for any time of the day. Once these puffs hit your taste buds you’ll soon discover that one packet just isn’t enough.

Spookies have been around for eighteen years and have become a household staple. Its fun flavours and delicious taste are the perfect addition to every holiday, occasion or just to make one smile and enjoy the small moments.

The proudly South African snack is available from your nearest wholesalers and retail stores. Spookies now comes in seven delectable flavours – choose between BBQ Boo, Cheesy Screams, Chicken Chills, Chutney, Pele Pele (a chilli tomato flavour), Sweet Chilli, and the new Sweetcorn flavour.

Spookies is one of our oldest brands – it is one of the first brands to be created within the Truda basket. Since then, we have been fortunate and able to add many other loved and popular snacks to our offerings.

The Truda Foods team is driven to meet our customer’s needs and wants. We are continuously exploring new flavour profiles to introduce into the market that will prove to be as popular and loved as our current flavours.

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