The Truda Foods Team Gets Vaccinated

September 8, 2021

As the government opened the registration for the COVID-19 vaccination to wider age groups in the country, the Truda Foods team actively prepared themselves to get vaccinated. Throughout the final days of August, the Department of Health (DoH) visited 2 of our branches to help get our team vaccinated and protected against the current pandemic.

The vaccination rollout within our company kicked off on Friday (20 August). The first stop was to our Pietermaritzburg branch where the Department of Health visited and set up on-site and started vaccinating employees who were willing and wanted to be vaccinated.

The DoH returned to our branch again on Wednesday 25 August and Wednesday 1st September as well as Sunday 5th September to continue vaccinating more staff.  The next stop was at our Queenstown branch, once again the DoH visited and set up to help get all staff members who volunteered, vaccinated.

We know how scary and anxious the process to get vaccinated can be for some, so to help make the experience more enjoyable and relaxing for our staff, we made sure each person that got vaccinated received a special complimentary refreshment of a cool drink and a packet of our Bigga Naks to enjoy while sitting through the recovery process.

Throughout this difficult time, our top priority has remained the safety of our staff and their loved ones. We have complied with the necessary regulations and have taken the necessary steps to keep our staff protected and safe. We have also invested in finger clip pulse oximeters as well as reputable portable oxygen machines to aid those staff members that require them.

While we work hard to keep our staff safe, we also want to thank them for taking the responsible measures to protect themselves against the virus. The response to the vaccination from our staff has been incredible and we want to commend all those that have made the effort to take the preventative measure. We would also like to thank our other employees that have taken the time and made the effort to get vaccinated at one of the vaccination stations around the country.

Numerous Truda Foods staff members as well as our Pietermaritzburg office staff members made their way to these vaccination sites, too. Shuttles were arranged for Truda Foods staff members to transport them to the vaccination sites and back to the branch between Friday (20 August) and Thursday (26 August). More than half of our Truda Foods employees received the COVID-19 vaccinations. The DoH will be coming back shortly to vaccinate more staff members.

We are so pleased that our employees have recognized how important it is to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families against COVID-19. The vaccinations are a preventative measure that helps stop the spread of the virus as well as helps lessen the impact of the virus on your body should you be infected – in other words, the vaccination helps make sure you do not get seriously ill should you contract COVID-19 and stops you from spreading it to others whom you come in contact with. By getting vaccinated, you are protecting yourself from getting sick as well as helping keep your loved ones safe.

It is also important to know that the vaccinations are not experimental, there have been various clinical trials conducted and through extensive testing and monitoring, it is safe and effective.

The South African government has encouraged us all to get vaccinated so that our country can achieve “herd immunity”. This means that if enough people get vaccinated, the virus would have a difficult time spreading and infecting people. The vaccination helps your body create immunity against the virus and thereby slows down and stops it from spreading. Currently, approximately six million South Africans have been fully vaccinated. You can find out more about the COVID-19 vaccinations offered in South Africa and their benefits on the South African Government website. You can also register to get vaccinated on the website – vaccination registration is currently opened to those aged between 18 and older.

The vaccination is the first step to us beating this pandemic. Our country has remained resilient throughout this period and we look forward to the brighter future that lies ahead for us all.


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