Truda Foods COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

April 1, 2020

Truda Foods COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


  1. Why Is Truda Open If The Country Is On A Lockdown?

Truda Legally Forms Part Of Essential Services. Essential Services Are Required To Remain Open To Continue Assisting The Country, Such As Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Suppliers Of Food Etc. Based On This, We Remain Open To Ensure That Our Wholesale And Retail Customers, Still Have Access To Our Snacks, Porridge & Soya Mince.


  1. Is Truda Foods Allowed To Be Operational During The 21-Day Lockdown?

Yes, We Have All Legal Government Documentation To Allow Us To Operate During This Time.


  1. Is It Legal To Have More Than 100 People Working In The Factory?

Yes It Is Legal, Because We Have Sufficient Space For People To Practice Social Distancing. We Have Also Broken The Shifts Up Into Smaller Numbers.


  1. I Have Heard A Lot About Social Distancing. What Is It?

Social Distancing, Or Physical Distancing, Are Measures Taken To Prevent The Spread Of A Contagious Disease By Maintaining A Physical Distance Between People And Reducing The Number Of Times People Come Into Close Contact With Each Other. The World Health Organisation Suggests Keeping A Distance Of At Least 1 Metre (3 Feet) Between Yourself And Anyone Who Is Coughing Or Sneezing. Why? When Someone Coughs Or Sneezes, They Spray Small Liquid Droplets From Their Nose Or Mouth Which May Contain The Virus. If You Are Too Close, You Can Breathe In The Droplets, Including The COVID19 Virus If The Person Coughing Has The Disease.


  1. Are Gloves Effective In Preventing COVID-19?

No. Regularly Washing Your Bare Hands Offers More Protection Against Catching COVID-19 Than Wearing Rubber Gloves. You Can Still Pick Up COVID-19 Contamination On Rubber Gloves. If You Then Touch Your Face, The Contamination Goes From Your Glove To Your Face And Can Infect You.


  1. Are Masks Necessary In The Work Area?

Yes, they are necessary. Every person must wear a mask at all times. Every staff member has been given a reusable mask to wear and keep clean. Reusable masks should be washed every day with warm water and soap.


  1. What Will Happen If South Africa Extends The Lockdown? Will I Lose My Job?

Currently, As A Group We Are Doing Everything In Our Power To Avoid Any Job Losses. We Don’t Know What President Cyril Ramaphosa Will Decide After The 21-Day Lockdown And Continue To Assess And Monitor The Situation.


  1. What Will Happen If I Don’t Come To Work?

Based On The Classification As An Essential Service, The Company Requires You To Come To Work. This Means That If You Do Not Come To Work, You Will Not Get Paid.


  1. What If My Colleague Is Sick? Does This Mean That He Or She Has COVID-19?

No, Not Necessarily. There Are Strict Protocols Around Testing For COVID-19 And Only Upon Valid Verification Of A Test Will We Acknowledge That A Member Is Sick As A Result Of The Coronavirus.


  1. Will I Get Extra Pay For Coming To Work During The Lockdown?

No, Employees Will Not Be Compensated Extra During The 21-Day Lockdown.


  1. What Happens If I Am Sick?

If A Staff Member Is Sick, They Should Not Be At Work And This Should Be Escalated To A Supervisor.


  1. Can I Take Leave During The Lockdown?

Yes, Provided Your Supervisor Has Approved Your Leave. Leave Will Be Normal Leave And Not Special Leave.

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