Truda Foods’ MyLife Education Campaign Feeds the Minds of Young Learners

March 4, 2022

From nourishing their little bodies to nourishing their young minds, Truda Foods has always been passionate about the development and education of children around South Africa.

Our latest community outreach project is a fun and exciting MyLife Education Campaign that we are running within the Valley of 1000 Hills, in partnership with the Aladdin Learning Solutions non-profit organisation.

Our campaign focuses on educating local school kids from Grades R – 3 on water quality, river pollution and the different kinds of litter, while also placing a focus on nutrition in minors. Four schools situated in the Valley of a Thousand Hills were selected to participate in the campaign.

Spending two days at each school, a team of energetic MyiLfe Dusi Athletes hosted entertaining workshops for students to participate in. These were fun, interactive and entertaining activities that teach young people about water cleanliness, the healthiness of water, water safety for consumption, and how pollution affects the quality of river water. We call this learning through laughter. As a result, students will be able to exercise improved behaviours around river safety that helps to keep river water clean, and keep them safe and disease-free.

All four schools were trained on river water quality and pollution by the end of November 2021. They are also receiving books, training materials, posters and comprehension cards in March 2022. These will help maintain the student’s learning momentum and help them to remember all that they have learned during the workshops. The MyLife team is also conducting Recycling to Resources workshop at each school and will be complete by the end of March 2022. This entails educating learners and teachers on how to transform everyday recyclable items into valuable learning resources and tools, which is a fantastic way to incorporate functionality into student arts and crafts.

These MyLife Education initiatives all lead up to the action-packed MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon, that took place from 17-19 February 2022, and each school is situated along the marathon route.

By connecting children with workshops that change how they think about water, young people are empowered to live healthier lives and share what they have learned, educating others and promoting healthier communities.

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